Commercial Roll-up Doors

Model 1000 / 1000I

Model 1100 / 1100I

Model 1000 | 1000I

The Model 1000 door is Janus' newest offering for ease of installation. The Pre-Assembled Industrial Door (PAID) offers a push-up operation that comes with brackets and tensioner pre-assembled. The reduced drive chain hoist operation is delivered with brackets, tension, gears and chain drive pre-assembled.

Model 1100 is the windload rated version of the Model 1000.

Model 1950 / 1950I

Model 1950 | 1950I

The value engineered model 1950 is the first of the next generation of roll up sheet doors to feature a substantial economic advantage. This door features innovative components that make the Model 1950 more versatile, flexible and easy to install and service in a variety of field applications, particularly boat/RV warehouses and out buildings.

Model 1950 Heavy Duty

Model 1950 Heavy Duty

The Model 1950 HD (Heavy Duty) is a roll up sheet door engineered with strength and durability in mind. Universal mount 3" deep 12 gauge galvanized steel guides securely engage the door curtain. The versatility and easy operation make this door dependable, yet still economical. Backed by a one year warranty on workmanship and material, this heavy duty Model 1950 HD is the best value on the market.

Model 2000 / 2000I

Model 2000 | 2000I

Model 2000 Standard Commercial Sheet Roll Up Door offers special features for commercial installations. Model 2000 has the deepest guide engagement in the industry and universal fastening guides. With the Model 2000's durability and low maintenance, this door is sure to have an unequaled quality and value.

Model 2500 / 2500I

Model 2500 | 2500I

Model 2500 is part of the Janus line of Heavy Duty Commercial Roll Up Sheet Doors. It offers universal fastening guides and 12 gauge, 4” deep guides for larger door size openings. The greater curtain engagement feature is key for wider openings and makes Model 2500 an excellent selection.

Model 3000 / 3000I

Model 3000 | 3000I

The Janus Model 3000 is a non-certified wind lock roll up door for larger, more demanding door applications. As a strong and durable alternative to other door types, this rolling sheet door offers many features at a great value. Engineered with performance and ease of maintenance in mind, the Model 3000 is one of the best values on the market.

Model 3100 / 3100I

Model 3100 | 3100I

Model 3100 is our certified wind load rated roll up sheet door that meets specified wind loads required by even the most stringent building codes. Laboratory testing proves how durable and strong this door really is. The quick installation and smooth operation, particularly compared to other doors, further demonstrates how user friendly this door is.

Model 3400 / 3400I

The Janus Model 3400 is our Miami-Dade County approved wind load rated door.


Jackshaft Operators

Janus International Corporation provides a variety of operators for their Commercial Roll Up Sheet Doors. Their operators range from Jackshaft Operators to Drum-Mounted Operators.

 Commercial Rolling Steel Doors

Medium Duty Service Doors

MD Series: MD15 / MD16

The MD Series

The MD Series is a medium duty service door line that is a true crossover commercial system, which successfully bridges the gap between sheet door cost and service door performance.  Standard features of the MD Series are found only as options on most products in this category, setting it apart as a revolutionary closure where strength and value are primary concerns.

Full Duty Service Doors and Insulated Service Doors

SD Series: SD10 / SD20

ID Series:  ID25


Constructed of readily available materials and easily serviced components, the Janus Service Door line embraces the idea of user friendly products that incorporate durability, simplicity and serviceability as common standards. These practical innovations are enhanced by the aesthetic appeal a Janus door adds to any building exterior, while combining maximum security with modest operating costs.



Fire Doors


Janus International Sure-Set™ fire doors are manufactured to the stringent qualities of full duty service doors, yet easily meet the most current fire protection standards. Operational choices include three fail-safe motor operated systems and a standard chain hoist.







The world of security rolling and side folding grilles and closures for storefront openings or counters is always changing. Whether you are a door dealer or an architect, you will find timely information about our side folding and rolling security closures and grilles. Information is available on the choice of rolling grilles and closures or side folding grilles and closures, door styles and installation options.

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